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9 outsiders icons...

Here is the batch of icon requests I got from bethie88, staygoldgreaser and jade_faery. There are Outsiders and Narnia. I also threw in a couple Mr. Tumnus ones, because I was working on Narnia icons, and I knew Rach loves him so. I hope you all like them!

scarsonchest, roostergrrl, iconvexity, minusthewalrus, ohpaintbrush and lost__paradise. Uhh… I think that’s it on the credit. If I forgot you, Im sorry. I didn’t mean to. Just tell me and I’ll add you.

And a special thanks to asya_17 for her wonderful icon maker action set. I love how easy it was to make it. (This one was used on #5, 9, 13, and 14.)

It sucks, and bores me to tears, but I have to say…
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